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What is a bug out bag?

A bug out bag is a collection of items intended to aid an individual for a minimum of 72 hours from adverse circumstances. A bug out bag typically provides ways to create a fire, filter water, and setup a shelter at the very minimum. Other commonly found items in a bug out bag include food, cutting tools, and first-aid kits.

Who needs a bug out bag?

The short answer, everyone. We have all been stuck in situations where we are extremely frustrated, and usually a bug out bag would have made our situation much less drastic. We recommend not only having a bug out bag at home, but also carrying one in your vehicle so you are prepared in case you break down.

So, what is eBugout?

Here at eBugout, we have created an exclusive tool that allows you to create a personalized and custom bug out bag with very minimal effort. Our tool is packed with features to help you get a complete solution, while still allowing you to make important decisions along the way.

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Our tool tracks the weight of your bug out bag real-time, so you know the weight as you add items.


Our tool tracks the volume of the items you add to your bug out bag, to ensure you choose a large enough backpack.


Our tool assists you in adding a product from each survival category, so you end up with a complete solution.


Each category has multiple products available, unlocking thousands of bug out bag configurations.


All of our prices are live from Amazon, with no upcharge, making our tool completely free to use and share.


Once your bug out bag is complete, you checkout safely through Amazon. We do not have any of your personal info.


Don’t have time to complete an entire bug out bag? No problem! Everything auto-saves. Come back and finish it later.


We have reviewed every product on our site to make sure you can make informed choices about the contents of your bug out bag.

Practical Preppers endorses eBugout

“The process of creating a custom-tailored bug out bag has always been very time intensive. With eBugout, you can create a quality bag in minutes, and have it shipped to your door in only a few days.”

Scott Hunt, Owner, Practical Preppers

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Did You Know?

98% of Americans are not prepared for natural disasters

FEMA suggests 72 hours of supplies minimum

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