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Best Survival Christmas Gifts for 2015

With the holiday season right around the corner, survival Christmas gifts are of course a major topic in our community. When creating this product list, we put an emphasis on American made products that feature ironclad lifetime warranties. Below are our top picks this season.


Hydro Flask – ~$30-$45


Hydro Flask Survival Christmas Gifts


The Hydro Flask is one of those items you’ll buy, immediately fall in love with and use it every day wondering how you’ve ever lived without it. No matter what size or color is right for you, each Hydro Flask is made to the highest quality standards on the market today. Every model features BPA-free 18/8 stainless steel and is vacuum insulated to keep beverages cold for up to 24 hrs. or hot for up to 12 hrs. They are nicely powder coated in vibrant colors and have a large positively-sealing lid that won’t leak no matter what. When opened, each one is easy to clean, fill and pour. Simply put, they’re built like a tank, just a little more cheerful. Every Hydro Flask comes with a lifetime warranty.


The Hyrdroflask is available in both a 32 ounce & 18 ounce size.


Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter ~$10


Bear Grylls Fire Starter Survival Christmas Gifts


Coming from a respected name in the industry and at a reasonable price, this fire starter from Gerber makes a great gift for any survival or outdoor enthusiast. There’s something about making a fire the old fashioned way that never gets old. Good luck resisting the urge to try it out! Taking a closer look, Gerber designed this fire starter for harsh use, with the quality you expect and a lifetime warranty to back that up.


On the end there is a waterproof compartment for tinder, a detail easily overlooked. The entire housing snaps open, revealing an easy grip handle with a striker and rod. The lanyard holds everything together when tightened. After a few tries, a shower of sparks can be created easily. Just a heads up, all fire steels have a black protective coating on the rod that needs to be scraped away before first use. We expect this to be a #1 seller this holiday season.


Sawyer Mini ~$20


Sawyer Mini Survival Christmas Gifts


From drops to tablets, pumps, inline filters and even UV light; we’ve used them all on the Appalachian Trail. The Saywer Mini is simply an awesome product, made right here in the USA which of course comes with a lifetime warranty. This incredibly lightweight and compact filter comes in at only 3.3 ounces and features a very fine 0.1 micron inline filter. It’s so fine that it removes 99.99999% all bacteria and 99.9999% protozoa and cysts. Simply put, that’s one of the best filters on the market today. The Sawyer Mini can also be used with a standard water or soda bottle, so water can be filtered on the go, wherever your adventures might take you.


Nomad Compact Take-Down Survival Bow ~$100


Nomad Survival Bow Survival Christmas Gifts


The Nomad Survival Bow makes a great gift for anyone who likes to get out and try something new. After our own experience, there’s something about shooting a recurve bow that makes you want to keep practicing. It’s kind of addicting.


Like the title suggests, this bow is a take-down design, making it ideal for storage in a bug out bag, at home, or wherever space is limited. Its glass-filled fiberglass limbs, ideal for this application assemble in a snap and even though directions are included, we didn’t need them. Three nice carbon arrows with field points are included, as well as a carrying case.


Leatherman Wave ~$80


Leatherman Wave Survival Christmas Gifts


Proudly made in the USA, the Wave is a high end, solidly built multi-tool. In our honest opinions it is the best multi-tool available today – perfect for someone who insists on quality even if it costs a little more. The Wave is made of high quality stainless steel, with a huge variety of tools to suit any need. Each of these precision-made tools, including the razor-sharp knives locks firmly in place with no give. When done, everything folds back up in a snap and fits in the handy nylon sheath. The Wave, as well as all of their tools includes a no-matter-what lifetime warranty. That’s exactly what we expect from Leatherman, a respectable American company.


Leatherman Wingman ~$30


Leatherman Wingman Survival Christmas Gifts


Little brother to the Wave, the Leatherman Wingman packs a lot of value in a more competitively priced package. Although this model is slightly cheaper it is still an incredible item. This USA made tool is 100% stainless steel, featuring a variety of tools needed for everyday tasks. Each tool opens smoothly and locks in place for a steadfast hold. Just as easily, the Wingman folds back up into a pocket-sized package. Leatherman stands behind this multi-tool with a 100% lifetime warranty.


Hopefully these gift ideas help you this holiday season. If you’d like to see other items featured, or would just like to leave a comment, reply below and let us know. Thanks so much for everyone’s support and of course have a great holiday season!

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