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eBugout News: Tactical Bags and Duffle Bags Added

Appalachian Trail - 2000 mile mark


Two of us with eBugout have hiked the entire Appalachian Trail (2,168 miles from Georgia to Maine) and carried a number of hiking backpacks. We’ve had a good experience with them but with that being said, the entire eBugout crew is passionate about what we do, stopping at nothing to improve the service we offer.


After receiving feedback from our community asking for both tactical and duffle bags, we shopped around on Amazon, selecting the best items for the money we could find. Our mission is to find items that offer a great value for the money, even if they’re lower in price. We do the footwork for you. Owning every last item too, we’re able to test them out personally.


Tactical Bag Example


Tactical Bags for bugging out

Tactical backpacks, broken down to their basic features really are just hiking packs with more ruggedness and utility. Side-by-side, they’re both comfortable, fully adjustable and as they’re name suggests, designed to carry plenty of gear. With tactical bags though, we tend to see heavier fabrics, usually 600D and 1000D nylon. These fabrics are inherently water and tear resistant, durable and meant to be dragged around through a variety of situations. They also feature MOLLE webbing and other connection points, making your backpack truly customizable.


Another plus to tactical backpacks is their high level of organization. They’re designed to carry a wide variety of gear with compartments, straps and pockets to meet a huge variety of needs. While awesome at carrying gear, they do have some downsides. Tactical backpacks tend to use heavier material and with all the additional pockets, their weight goes up. Another downside, and one easily overlooked is the way they look. If a bug out scenario really took place, the tactical look may suggest that you have what unprepared people want. A more regular looking backpack or a plain duffle bag might draw less attention.


Duffle Bag Example


Duffle bags for bugging out

Without the look and extensive organization of tactical backpacks, duffle bags have one simple design advantage – the ability to swallow a whole lot of stuff. They’re great for family use, bugging out in a vehicle, or can be left at a certain location with needed supplies. Larger items like clothing, multiple sleeping bags or tents are ideal items for a duffle, where even a large backpack won’t cut it. They do this with plain old simplicity. Duffle bags tend to have one central compartment with a few smaller ones for those smaller items. This also makes them lighter too.


Internal organizing pockets in most backpacks take up space and for many people just aren’t needed. Engineered to carry weight, duffle bags position their heavier nylon straps in order to spread out the load evenly. The ones we chose show good cross-stitching around high stress areas which is a good thing. So where a typical backpack might just rip to pieces when pushing nearly 100 lbs. of gear, duffle bags ask for more. The bags we chose have a waterproof bottom, so when placed on the ground as intended, the gear inside will stay dry. Also, just because these bags are designed to be carried over one’s shoulder or carried by hand, they also have backpack straps too. While not quite as comfortable as an actual hiking or tactical backpack, these can be carried as one with no problem.


Want to see other products added to eBugout? Leave us a comment and let us know. Your feedback is greatly appreciated as we never stop improving. Our goal is to serve the community better every day, and everyone’s input helps.



2 Responses to “eBugout News: Tactical Bags and Duffle Bags Added”

  1. just found this is a great little tool for those new to the scene or way of thinking or even plainer Is reality of the times we find ourselves in, Im making a video tom on bug out bags and such and will be leaving a link to this so people can start thier own BOB. thanks guys.
    Richie from Boston 27tubguy on YT

    • Thanks for your support Richie. We are always open to feedback as well, so feel free to get in touch if you have some suggestions.

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